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The humor bubbling through Finding Nemo is so fresh, sure of itself and devoid of the cutesy, saccharine condescension that drips through so many family comedies that you have to w...

Finding Nemo is a 2003 animated comedy about a clownfish searching for his missing son. Marlin (Albert Brooks) and Coral (Elizabeth Perkins) are two clownfish preparing to start a family when they are attacked by a barracuda. During the fight, Coral and all but one egg are killed and eaten. Horrified by what happened, Marlin takes the lone remaining egg and hides it. It eventually hatches and becomes his son, Nemo (Alexander Gould). Owing to the circumstances of his wife's death, Marlin becomes an extremely overprotective father. Naturally, Nemo longs to break away from his father's constant close supervision. On his first day of school, Nemo swims away from his group and is captured by a scuba diver. Panicked, Marlin sets out to find his son and bring him home safely. With the assistance of the kind but foolish fish, Dory (Ellen DeGeneres), he races against time and space to

In the strange case of Finding Nemo, money doesn’t always mean more.

  • 2004 Turtle Talk with Crush (Epcot)
  • 2007 The Seas with Nemo & Friends (Epcot)
  • 2007 Finding Nemo – The Musical (Disney's Animal Kingdom)
  • 2012 Disney's Art of Animation Resort

Finding Nemo: Mine! Skittles Game

A little forgetful like Dory? Catch up with emoji-fied versions of Dory, Nemo, Marlin, Crush, and more fishy friends as they retell the story of Disney/Pixar’s "Finding Nemo".

From the Academy Award®-winning creators of TOY STORY and MONSTERS, INC. (2001, Best Animated Short Film, FOR THE BIRDS), it's FINDING NEMO, a hilarious adventure where you'll meet colorful characters that take you into the breathtaking underwater world of Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Nemo, an adventurous young clownfish, is unexpectedly taken to a dentist's office aquarium. It's up to Marlin (Albert Brooks), his worrisome father, and Dory (Ellen DeGeneres), a friendly but forgetful regal blue tang fish, to make the epic journey to bring Nemo home. Their adventure brings them face-to-face with vegetarian sharks, surfer dude turtles, hypnotic jellyfish, hungry seagulls, and more. Marlin discovers a bravery he never knew, but will he be able to find his son?