Finding Nemo Nursery! Love this!

Disney Nemo 3 Piece Crib Bedding Set


Finding Nemo Nursery! Love this!

Buy finding nemo nursery bedding and curtains in the shop window theme and place around the room at the appropriate places. Display “Finding Nemo” stuffed animals on the shelf, on the tops of dressers or other furniture pieces. Add Tags wall around the room like fish, bubbles and plant life to extend the underwater experience. Set running a fish tank working in the nursery of clownfish, tang fish and other colorful creatures. Be sure to place where there will be a danger to the baby.

Paint the walls of the finding nemo nursery to resemble blue ocean water. Select a color that matches with stickers or other wall art that you will attach. Place the bubble stickers on the walls in a pattern that moves up. Hang the posters finding nemo and framed artwork on the walls. Find cheap decorations in party supply stores.

Finding Nemo Nursery. My mom, awesome friend and I hand painted this

Finding Nemo Nursery Wall Mural
by: Anonymous

I love your Finding Nemo wall mural painting! Great work!

Finding Nemo nursery! Definitely doing this with my kid

Are you planning to decorate your baby's room with Finding Nemo theme? If so then check out for some cute Finding Nemo Nursery decor below. There...

Finding nemo nursery – Crèche are known to be colorfully decorated with animals and characters from popular movies. The Disney film “Finding Nemo” had sea creatures like the clown fish, sea turtles and sharks in the colorful landscape. It is easy to take your child under the sea and decorate your child’s room like a scene from finding nemo with a few simple supplies.