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Wherever your travels take you, you can now take your pet or pets along for the ride in the sleek and stylish Expedition Pet Stroller. This stroller, which can hold up to 145 lbs, is great for large dogs or several smaller pets. The stroller is sturdy, durable, and handles effortlessly. The top also folds down so that it can be stored in your car trunk. Pet strollers like the Expedition Pet Stroller are ideal for helping senior or arthritic dogs, and those that have recently had surgery. The Expedition Pet Stroller is also available in two colors - Burgundy or Blue Sky.

Zip open the front loading flap and place your pet inside. You can choose to leave the flap open or zipped up. The mesh helps to keep bugs out while still maintaining maximum ventilation. The Expedition Pet Stroller works like a regular stroller, and has special features to provide your pet or pets with a safe and secure environment. The safety features include: a tether leash inside that allows you to hook your own leash to it; front wheel locks that prevent wheels from swiveling on uneven terrain; shock absorbers to maintain a smooth ride. It also has lots of other features for convenience, including: a "pet parent tray" that provides easy access to personal items like keys, a water bottle and your pet's favorite treats; adjustable handlebar height. The stroller has top and front windows that can be zipped up to keep pets securely inside (like a "crate on wheels") or unzipped with window mesh rolled up. The top window allows your pet to view you as you push the stroller (great for anxious pets) and allows you to easily place your small pets into the stroller.

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    As you read through this review, you will learn some of the challenges this model has faced in the past but seems to have overcome recently. The Baby Trend Expedition stroller is popular and for good reason. You'll find out why and feel great about this stroller in the review below.

    The Baby Trend Expedition stroller is an all-terrain that can go over a variety of surfaces such as dirt trails and roads, grass, cracked sidewalks, gravel and bike trails, and while most parents who get this stroller are not serious runners or avid joggers, they do like getting out for brisk walks.