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Donzi boats are lots of fun, small and easy to operate even for beginners or novices at seafaring. While they haven't been doing much business lately, the end of a year-long dry period in production is finally over and Donzi is making boats again. As far as personal watercraft go, they're fair, not too great, certainly not junky and with a decent price to match that middle of the road mentality. For people who've never owned a boat before, this could be the best company with which to break that tradition. They're good for much more than just going fishing though.

If you like to go fast, really fast, then one of the many Donzi boats available is sure to satisfy your need to move like the wind. The Donzi 35 ZFX is just one example of this. The boat moves, it really rockets at speeds of up to 70 miles per hour fresh from the factory. You could make your own boat go faster by adding more motors or lightening the vessel, though you shouldn't make any modifications if you don't have some idea what you're doing. There are many ways to get hurt while messing around with the engine of a motorboat, so be careful.

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The Donzi 22 Classic is another nice pick from the roster of Donzi boats available. 425 in a land-based car is magnificent but imagine that kind of power on the water for a moment. That's certainly enough oomph to win some races if that's your kind of thing and Donzi is known for catering to these high-speed boating enthusiasts. Just be sure not to go too fast while exiting a marina or where people can see – it's inherently dangerous, especially in low-speed areas where creating a wake could be disastrous to those around you. You can go fast but do it responsibly.

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