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This is another instance where casual and formal dinnerware differ. Casual dishes oftentimes come as a complete set, with usually enough plates and bowls for eight people. Formal sets, on the other hand, are bought as individual settings — therefore, you will need to buy eight five-piece, single-person settings to serve eight people. Because of this, as well as the quality of the dish set, formal dinnerware is vastly more expensive than casual.

And imho, if you’re going to be using the atomic dish set regularly, you should definitely hold on to the tea cups and saucers. Why, you ask? Well, what if some day you decide to throw a tea party? WHAT IF?!? While I personally would be into a Mad Tea Party-style spread with wacky odds & ends, you are definitely the neat and coordinated type and so you should keep them. Just in case. For tea parties. 😀 Pinky up!

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    What better way to present the results of your cooking than nestled on top of a fancy dinnerware set? It’s about time to replace your chipped, faded and aging plates and bowls with shiny new ones! Choose from our broad range of fine place settings, from elegant porcelain sets to classic ceramic and stoneware dinner plates. Colors vary from clean and classic white that makes food stand out to soft pastel shades that can accentuate your and table runners. Or, make a bold proclamation with some eye-grabbing dish sets that infuse meals with a contemporary flair. Textures and materials play a role as well—lovely porcelain and china is a beautiful choice, but for something a bit more robust, a set of glazed stoneware can’t be beat.

    I love this dish set! It was exactly as pictured, the colors are brilliant and the set is super classy and can be mixed and matched with different color dishes. My husband even commented on how great theylook. They were delivered on time and even though two of the dishes were broken Overstock dida great job of replacing them with minimal hassle. I'll probably order it again in a different colour-a great buy!