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Cyco Cycle 20-Inch Cycle


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"This is the kind of riding experience nobody has ever seen before," says Bob Friedland, toy expert at Toys 'R Us in Wayne, N.J. "It really leaves using the Cyco Cycle up to the kid's imagination."

Last month, Toys R' Us began selling the Cyco Cycle, a new tricycle manufactured by Dynacraft. But this trike is for kids 13 and older. It has no handlebars but is steered using the waist and upper body. Riders grip the seat but can learn to ride with their hands free. It sells for about $120.

Cyco Cycle 20-Inch Cycle - Christmas Toy Shopping

The Stan Keyes “Cyco Cycle” Norton Racebike

The Cyco Cycle can be rode like a unicycle, scooter, a tricycle or whatever, there is really no way not to ride it! The one thing I did notice about the Cyco Cycle is that you don’t want to turn the wheel too far or you will topple over, otherwise this ride is certainly a unique and fun thing to play around on! There is just a lot of crazy ways to ride this insane cycle!

Team Cyco Cycle has two national road race championships in AHRMA and WERA and 2 national land speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, along with numerous state and local motocross championships. We offer quality service due to our extensive knowledge coupled with our large inventory of parts.