Crane Curtis the Cow Humidifier (EE-4140)

Crane Adorable Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier with 2.1 Gallon Output per Day - Cow

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Crane Cool Mist Humidifier Cow Humidifiers - Sears

I purchased the cow humidifier for our babies room and we are very pleased with the results. Our baby no longer wakes up with a stuffy nose, and he seems to be sleeping better as well. He loves observing the steam comes out of the cows ears.

Alexis would loooove the cow humidifier. She has some bouts of rough Asthma and allergies. We need a better humidifier (and a cute, good working one, would be great!)

Crane Adorable Cow Ultrasonic Humidifier

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Crane Cow Humidifier - Free Shipping | Sylvane

I bought the Cow humidifer for my daughter when she was only a couple of months old (after being up with her several nights in a row during her first cold). This humidifer is AWESOME! It doesn't use heat so I won't have to worry about her knocking it over and getting scaulded when she's a little older. Also, it is very quiet and the design is adorable. It fits in so well with my daughter's nursery that most people don't even notice it's a humidifier. We have run it almost non-stop day and night since we got it and have not had any problems with it. The tank is big enough that I only have to fill it up two or three times a week (depending on how dry it is that week). It's easy to set up and very easy to clean. When we have our next child I will definitely be ordering another one for his/her room, too!

This little powerhouse, the Cow Humidifier by Crane USA, creates moisture that provides relief from cold and flu symptoms. Great for rooms up to 250 square feet in size, it’s ideal for a nursery or kids’ room and runs whisper-quiet for up to 11 hours. As your child sleeps, the moist air circulates through the room, helping prevent those morning sore throats and soothe cold symptoms. It’s also entirely safe and shuts off when the tank is empty. Added bonus? It is wicked cute. Even when it isn’t on, the Crane Humidifier makes a great room accessory and is sure to charm kids and adults alike.