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In the end, we would recommend buying a 3DS if you have the cash on hand. While the next version of the handheld will undoubtedly be better…it’s probably not going to make an appearance until late 2012 or even early 2013. Nintendo isn’t on a yearly development cycle like Apple, so you’ll likely be waiting at least 18 months for the next version. The parallax 3D screen is worth the money, and both the launch titles and the first-party titles slated for later this year are largely appealing. The battery life is awful, so be sure to keep a charger in your purse or backpack at all times. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’re going destroy some co-workers' heads in Face Raiders.

If you were thinking of buying a 3DS XL to play either Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon or Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Nintendo is offering you a little extra incentive.

If you register a 3DS XL on starting today, and register one of those two games, between March 21 and April 30, you'll get a free downloadable copy of Super Mario 3D Land, Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask, Art Academy: Lessons for Everyone!, Star Fox 64 3D, or Freakyforms Deluxe: Your Creations, Alive! Your choice, so you aren't stuck with Freakyforms.

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  • UberMawile

    I look forward to seeing your Ice Bucket Challenge Dae! As for whether or not I’ll purchase the N3DS, my answer is, YES!!! I knew it was a good thing I didn’t buy the 3DS XL!!! I only have my regular 3DS that I bought a few months after it was released in the U.S. I’m very careful with my stuff, and it’ll last for quite some time.

    I’ll buy the N3DS XL when an exclusive design is released for the Platinum Sequels!!! I’ll have to wait a lot longer until that happens. Maybe 2019.

    I freaking love Pokemon Platinum, and to have game console with a Platinum style to it would make my dreams come true!!! :’)

  • Best Buy Nintendo 3ds Games Buy one get ONE FREE

    Why is every one going to best buy why don’t you just buy a 3dsd like humans so that you can play it when ever you want or maybe even get a 4ds (fake)

    I was already on the fence about buying a 3DS after last week’s announcement of the Animal Crossing New Leaf edition of the 3DS XL. Given that you can register your games any time between 23rd April and 30th June, I might just buy it. And yes, games that came preinstalled with a hardware bundle are eligible for the promotion.