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When you play Bugs in the Kitchen, you’ve got to hurry to catch that scurrying bug. In this frenzied family game, the robotic roach’s vibrations cause it to wildly scamper across the board.

Due to the unpredictable movements of the Hexbug, every round of Bugs in the Kitchen is unique. However, you can further mix things up by choosing from four different starting configurations for the board. With so much variety, you’ll never tire of cleaning up the kitchen.

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Bugs in the Kitchen includes one Hexbug, two button batteries, a game board with 24 movable utensils, 18 tokens, one die, and instructions for play.

How to Get Rid of Bugs in a Kitchen Pantry. Bugs enter a kitchen pantry for the same reasons as people; they are looking for food. Unfortunately, nobody wants bugs in the kitchen because they carry diseases and can be downright scary for some folks. The most common types of bugs making their way into the kitchen are ants, weevils and cockroaches. Try natural remedies as the first line of defense, as these are best for use near food.