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Bright Light Twinkling Star Pillow


Are we actually seeing the Bright Light Pillow in a DARK environment?

Bright Light Pillow also has a fun element to it because it changes colours; from red to blue, white to green and yellow. That’s also the reason why these pillows are not only suitable for kids but young teens can use them to add a funky look to their bedrooms, study rooms or living rooms. Bright Light Pillow is very comfortable and cuddly, which is why your kids won’t have enough of them. You can use these pillows for your kids’ nap time or when you are travelling with them, they are also perfect for sleepovers and make for ideal presents.

Bright Light Pillow
The magic of Bright Light Pillow lies in its 24 LED lights that come on as you squeeze the pillow. It gives out a calming light, which can be very comforting for your kids. What’s more, you can be rest assured that these lights won’t burn out or emit any heat. When you tuck your kids in bed they can squeeze the Bright Light Pillow and the lights will come on and stay on for 15 minutes. Bright Light Pillow works on 3AA batteries and will do its job for hundreds of hours in all.

Here we have three girls and their heart-shaped Bright Light Pillows.

4.0 stars

BrightLight Pillow - Starlight Square
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The Bright Light Pillows were just made for little kids, right?

My daughter hugs the pillow to turn it on but the box says all you have to do is tap the pillow. It gives off no heat and the lights stay on for 15 minutes before turning off. I think this is great, especially for a young child who is scared of the dark. This will give them plenty of time to get to sleep before the Bright Light Pillow turns off.

I got a BrightLight Pillow for Christmas this year. It’s the pink beating heart shape. So far, this pillow has worked fine without any problems. I’m surprised at how many comments have stated that the pillows do not work and break! Mine is working fine. But then again, I’ve only had it for two days….By these comments I expect it will stop working by next week….I hope not. But so far, this is a great product!