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In conclusion, the bouncer chair met all of the project goals outlined at the beginning of the project. Specifically, it has all of originally the proposed features:

Xavier needs a larger bouncing chair that can provide side-to-side bouncing in addition to up-and down motion. Thus, the goal is to design a bouncing chair for Xavier that can bounce side-to-side in addition to up-and-down in order to develop leg and trunk muscle control as well as provide entertainment.

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    Currently, the 2-year-old client is still getting accustomed to the chair, which is understandable. He was uncomfortable at first due to unfamiliarity, but the parents expect him to quickly adjust because this device replicates the angle, comfort level, and up-and-down bouncing motion of his current commercial bouncer chair that he likes. Furthermore, he also had a transition period getting used to the current bouncing. The physical therapist also has full confidence that the client will soon grow accustomed to using this bouncer chair.

    During the design of the bouncer chair, the most difficult challenges came from finding the appropriate spring strengths and developing mechanisms to lock specific bouncing motions.