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why are they going to Walter Jones, I thought Johnny Young Bosch was the original black power ranger, also what are they going to do about Trini since she’s dead, are they looking for Aisha?

Not only can you stream episodes on Netflix but you can also check out this interview I had with Walter Emanuel Jones, the Original Black Power Ranger from the first season.

Black Power Ranger -- Also BOYCOTTING Reunion ..

  • A Putty Patroller is the Black Mutant Ranger. The putty was given the Black Badge of Darkness and served as Rita Repulsa's counterpart to the Black Power Ranger in episode "Mighty Morphin Mutants".
  • The shape-shifting monster, Primator, assumed the form of the Black Ranger in the episode, The Wanna-Be Ranger.
  • Zane is the Dark Black Ranger. He was unwillingly transformed by Lord Zedd in episode "Green No More, Part I", who sought to create his evil counterpart of the Black Power Ranger.
  • Abraham (Johnny Yong Bosch) is the ancestor of Adam Park from the year 1880 and was the Black Wild West Ranger when Kimberly Hart was transported through time and had to fight a monster in the past.
  • Adam Park was also the Black Ninja Ranger in the third season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
  • Zack (Ludi Lin) is the Black Power Ranger in Power Rangers (2017).

now it's the BLACK Power Ranger who says he won't go-go ..

Zack and his close friends , , and were picked as the five original Power Rangers by the wise sage to defend Earth from the evil sorceress . Zack was chosen as the Black Power Ranger, gaining the Power Coin and the Mastodon Dinozord.

The Original Black Power Ranger actor Walter Jones confirmed in Audibly Exquisite that none of the original Power Rangers are getting its come back in the big screen.