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Continued Fifth Month Baby Milestones: The Senses

You know you have to include it in your baby's scrapbook. Well, the baby month by month scrapbook page is the perfect layout to showcase that special photo you took during the month.

A baby month by month scrapbook page is a great way to record the precious details of your baby's first year. The purpose of this scrapbook page is to record the special memories that occurred during the month.

Your 5-month-old’s vision is continuing to improve

First Year Development: Infant Development | APA

But it is essential that the parents are aware of the growth of the baby month by month. There can be several complications in pregnancy due to various reasons. The reasons are unbound and can vary from hormonal problems to poor diet; from sedentary lifestyle to heavy smoking and drinking; from physical exertions to mechanical damages. The doctor can easily monitor these through ultrasonography but the test cannot be done several times! In order to keep the movement of the pregnant mother minimal as well as leave the least amount of bad effect, if any, on the baby due to USG, the test is done only under essential clinical conditions.