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Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad (16.5" x 32.5")


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Businesses without commercial baby changing stations in their restroom facilities are missing out on positive reviews and increased profits. In today’s world, consumers expect convenience, courtesy, and responsiveness. Businesses that fail to embrace this reality are fading away fast.

The baby changing unit for HSG UK is designed to provide reliable strength and years of service. The concave shelf design provides a deep area for the child to lay, preventing them from rolling around whilst a heavy-duty safety strap provides an additional level of security. Each baby changing unit is provided with a self-adhesive aluminium sign for the washroom door to indicate that baby changing facilities are located inside. Bag hooks on each end of the changing table allows the nappy bag to be securely hung for easy access, whilst the additional hooks are available for hand bag, shopping bag, jacket etc. With a baby changing unit from HSG UK the benefits will be:

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    Families shopping or dining with infants and toddlers need easy access to baby changing stations. They’re a modern convenience that makes changing a baby’s diaper easier and safer for parents. The simple presence of quality baby changing stations in commercial restroom facilities sends a powerful message to a business’s staff and customers. It says that the business is a family friendly establishment that values hygiene.

    Selecting quality baby changing stations that fully satisfy the needs of parents is important. We’re so proud to be an official distributor of baby changing stations, the best changing stations available on the market today. Since 1986, Koala diaper changing stations have helped in the changing of hundreds of millions of diapers in over 65 countries around the world. All Koala Kare products are made in USA.