Realistic Lifelike Baby Boy Doll Sleeping

JC Toys, La Baby 11-inch Hispanic Washable Soft Body Play Doll For Children 18 months Or Older, Designed by Berenguer


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Reborn baby boy dollThis is a 22 inch reborn baby boy doll. His sweet smile on her face looks so fresh and lovely. The light blue clour baby doll clothes also fit for your baby boy and girl doll.

The mini 9.5" Newborn real looking baby boy doll is completely made out of vinyl and is anatomically correct. It's the perfect little play doll for very young children. These little baby dolls are really unbelievably adorable.

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Doll Type: Soft Bodied Baby Boy Doll
Skin Tone, Eye Color and Hair Color / Type White, Blue (open and close), just the slightest suggestion of hair molded into the sculpt
Size: 12 inches
Gender: Non-gendered cloth body, dressed and sold as a boy doll
Availability: Limited to Stock on hand
Scented? Yes. Corolle's vanilla scent is in the vinyl
Packaging: Window Display box

Looking for a Lifelike Baby Boy Doll

But what frustrates us, is that if you're not already familiar with Corolle, it is practically impossible to put into words why Corolle's Calin dolls might be preferred over any of our other baby boy dolls.

The accessories for these dolls make them great baby dolls for toddlers. With removable clothing, pull-alongs, strollers, bath sets, and tricycles, toddlers will be entertained for hours. We also offer soft-bodied baby dolls that make it easy for little arms to cuddle. Look around and find the perfect gift for that special someone in your life, whether you want a baby boy doll or an adorable baby girl doll. Take advantage of our free shipping offer on all orders over $99, and get your new doll fast with our quick shipping — all of our orders are shipped within 24 hours on weekdays.