Brand: Philips Avent / Type: Baby bowls

Munchkin Stay Put Suction Bowl, 3 Count


Less mess & stress baby bowl easily attaches to any flat surface ..

Puppies, bears and manatees have all predicted the Super Bowl winner, but what about babies? TODAY puts two tots to the test in our first-ever Baby Bowl. The results are adorable.

Sticks baby bowls & plates to high chairs and benches.
Encourages baby’s confidence with self feeding.
Keeps bowls secure so there’s no more up turned bowls.

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Fresh Baby So Easy Baby Bowl with Lid - Green

The baby sticky bowl has been designed to be used with existing crockery to keeps bowls secure on high chairs and benches to help ensure there are no more up turned bowls

Simply place baby sticky bowl onto table, bench or other eating surface, then place crockery on to sticky bowl ensuring an airtight fit.