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Madame Alexander Babble Baby, Brown Hair, Blue Eye Munchkin Doll


Cute Babbling Baby 6 Months Old

Is there any sound more adorable than a babbling baby? Ok, perhaps on certain days a sleeping baby, but the sound of a baby first learning to communicate is pretty gorgeous!

Help encourage baby to coo and babble to her heart’s content – and engage in important social and language development – by trying these fun ways to interact with your babbling baby!

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Babble Baby Munchkin Blonde/Blue/Light
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Madame Alexander Babble Baby Munchkin Blonde/Blue/Light

Your BabbleBaby doesn't talk yet…but she does have a language of her own. "Talk to me and I Talk Back!" Over 80 different real baby sound combinations.


Starting at about two months, babies begin simple cooing and babbling. In between gurgles and drool, it’s as if all of a sudden, baby has something to say besides “waah!” – and it’s a wonderful time for new parents. A cooing, babbling baby is telling you that she is ready to begin communicating with those around her, in her own adorable way.