I hope you have fun making an animal head of your own.

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Delightful set of 8 Animal Heads

Our resin animal heads, also called porcelain / ceramic animal head fake taxidermy, are cruelty free and add a 3D aspect to your wall. Capture the true beauty of a bear, elephant, alligator, or shark by adding one of our pieces to your décor collection. Walls that are covered with framed photos can become boring or monotonous; however, faux taxidermy is a trendy and modern way to add dimension to your room. If you are planning to redecorate your living room or bedroom, consider a fake animal head above the fireplace or couch to add a conversation piece to the room. Added bonus: our faux taxidermy wall decor is cheap compared to real taxidermy, and easier on the conscience too. Incorporating resin animal heads in your home or office is a great way to show off your interior decorating skills and become the envy of your guests. You can accomplish a polished and modern look with our fake animal heads as opposed to outdated and sad real taxidermy that makes you want to cry.

At White Faux Taxidermy, we appreciate nature as much as you and those who pioneered the art in the 18th century. Adding a wild animal to your home speaks volumes about your taste and courage, and adds an aesthetically pleasing element to any wall. At WFT, we have created faux animal heads to bring the beauty of nature right to your home. These wall faux animal head art sculptures bring an exciting way to enjoy wildlife without the squeamish traits of a real animal head. Whether you are in the market for a popular white deer head or moose, or even an elephant or an alligator from the Bayou of the Southern U.S, we have a variety of styles and colors to create a unique and classic feel. Our sculptures are artistically crafted from resin, which is a hydrocarbon secretion of various plants, then they are carefully hand painted and carefully shipped all over the world. We invite you to enjoy the world of resin animal heads as a modern and sustainable approach to a classic form of wildlife appreciation. And, if you are seeking something to capture your imagination, White faux Taxidermy can take you back to the Jurassic period with a Trex head or transport you to a land far far away with a beautiful unicorn head wall mount, or a mythical jackalope mount.

To make the animal head I started with newspaper and masking tape:

  • Khutang – a type of harp often surmounted by a carven animal head, often a swan
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    Faux Animal Heads In Unimaginable Styles
    At WhiteFauxTaxidermy, we strive to ensure our clients are receiving a truly superior experience- from the time you add your new, name-brand White Faux Taxidermy wall sculpture to your cart, to the moment yo receive it and have it adorning your wall. Each faux animal sculpture is completely special to us, which is why we strive to ensure you are 100% satisfied. In order to reach our goal of complete satisfaction, we have developed numerous and professionally/artistically crafted sculptures to meet your wants and desires. At White Faux Taxidermy, we believe that art is meant to be appreciated for its interpretation and intended to inspire your imagination. To truly commit to creating art, we have recently created unicorn head wall mounts, colorful jackalopes, and even mini deer and moose head taxidermy. Rest assured, all of our classic sculptures remain: white faux deer head and moose mount, our mini bears, gold elephants, and wolves.

    Resin Animal Heads Are Artwork, Not Stuffed
    Resin animal heads do not have any actual animal parts. Rather, they are handcrafted artistic pieces that are made to look like real animal head mounts. These modernistic taxidermy specimens do not involve a carcass- Our goal is to appreciate the wildlife for its beauty; plus, how often do you see a unicorn or a white deer or lion around?. How are they made, considering that no animal was harmed in the making of these head mounts?
    These mounts are crafted using detailed photos and measurements of an animal. (Sometimes the animal is stored and then released after measuring and photography; sometimes the creator simply acquires the photos and specifications). From that point, the faux taxidermist creates a resin or fiberglass bust sculpture of the chosen animal, whether that is a deer, a bear, elephant, or even a mysterious and mythical unicorn. So, skip the cardboard taxidermy and opt for a handmade piece of wall art. Unlike plastic animal sculptures, resin will capture vivid detail of the artist' and render a beautiful and long-lasting home accessory.