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As they had done with , once titled "Project I," American Greeting Cards called the Care Bears development "Project II" as they strove to make the character program secret until advertising was ready. At the start of the franchise, Care Bears was already established as its working title.

Perfect and Polite Panda look after Paradise Valley. They always speak in rhyme, finishing each other's sentences and complimenting one another's feelings. According to True Heart, back when all the Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins were very young, Perfect and Polite were frightened away by No Heart, which explains how they were separated.[]

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  • Grams Bear is the grandmother of all the Care Bears family, Grams Bear looks after the Kingdom of Caring. A seasoned "veteran," an excellent storyteller, and a valued mentor for the family, she knows just about all there is about being a Care Bear, and is ready to lend a hand or a patient ear to help anyone in need. As a later addition to the toy line, Grams Bear was featured, along with her grandchildren, in the first movie and in the Nelvana TV series. She is black (formely gray, sky blue, or blue-violet) and her tummy symbol is a pink rose with a yellow bow. She also always wears a shawl around her neck. In "Grams Bear's Thanksgiving Surprise", we see a different side of Grams Bear the other Care Bears normally don't see - one of which is to ride a cloud scooter, dance to loud music, and is living prove to the saying "You're only as old as you feel". She loves to make Happy Apple pies.

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You’re invited to the biggest celebration of the year – the Care-A-Lot Awards – where all the Care Bears come together to award their heroes who have spread caring and sharing throughout the year! Whether it’s Cheer helping a baby Gobblebug build a new home, Funshine rescuing the Nimbits, or Bedtime and Grumpy stopping a machine from running amok all over town, the Care Bears are always ready for helpful hero fun in this awesome adventure!

I think the reason why I loved The Care Bears so much, was because it was part of my childhood, and I have a thing for nostalgia. I loved this show as a kid, and at 18 when I revisited it I was really surprised at how good it still was. It is pretty much childhood innocence personified.

The animation is clean and colourful, the music is really good with a simple and memorable theme tune and the story lines were gripping, exciting and surprisingly intelligent. Even the writing wasn't childish. And I love how unique the characters are, I love how all the Care Bears have interesting and endearing personalities and unique character traits. I love all of them so much I cannot decide which one is my favourite.

Out of the reoccurring villains, my personal favourite was Professor Coldheart, he was deliciously evil and frosty yet absolutely hilarious and crazy. The character was superbly voiced by Len Carlson, actually one of the most interesting voices on the show, it is a shame though he isn't credited on this site he deserves it. In fact though, the voice acting was very well done. Overall a great childhood favourite, not bland or anything like it, it is colourful and simple the way I like it. 10/10 Bethany Cox