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PDP Afterglow Prismatic Wired Controller - Xbox One


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Overall, it is hard to not recommend the Afterglow Prismatic wired Xbox One controller from Performance Design Products. Although you lose the wireless functionality, these controllers are even cheaper than your standard Xbox One controller from Microsoft and offer greater customisation thanks to the programmable buttons. Any one with reservations because of past experiences with Afterglow controllers really shouldn’t be worried. The design, construction, and functionality of this controller are on par with standard Xbox One controllers, and it’s a much cheaper option than the new Xbox One Elite Controller.

Dual Rumble Motors & Impulse Triggers let you feel the action through your controller, in exactly the same way as the standard Xbox One controllers, ensuring you are fully immersed in your games and enjoy the experience. The Afterglow controller is compatible with the Xbox Accessories configuration app, so you can create, modify, save, and instantly recall custom profiles. As the Afterglow is a wired controller it does include a detachable 10ft (yes, I said 10ft) wire. There’s both an upside and downside with wired controllers; the upside is no need to worry about your controller running out half way through a full on round Rocket League, but the downside is the dreaded buzzing noise a wired controller makes whilst in party chat.

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All of the Afterglow range of interfaces uses the same driver set. The software automatically detects the type of interface you are using and sets itself up for the right interface.

DMXControl Software   Download
Afterglow DMXControl Driver   Download
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Afterglow DMXControl Manual   Download
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Afterglow USB Driver Installation Guide   Download
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Afterglow Wired Controller for Xbox 360 - Blue Light

The iconic signature of an Afterglow controller is the full LED stripe that runs along the edge of the entire controller, as you can see in the images and in our unboxing video. Both colour and brightness of the LED can be adjusted easily. Equipped with the highest quality ALPS analog sticks available, the Afterglow Prismatic Wired Controller offers solid gaming control and precision. There’s an integrated 3.5mm Audio Jack & Controls: Hook up your headset to the 3.5mm audio jack and enjoy chat and volume controls located directly on the controller. On the back of the controller are Dual Multi-Function Wheels with 6 programmable actions, allowing you to customize your Afterglow Prismatic Controller to fit your gaming style.

There are many controllers you can purchase today as the Xbox One has been out over 2 years; however, whilst there are number of special edition controllers around, there’s not a great deal to separate them other than their colour schemes. Enter this offering from PDP – which glows in the dark! The Afterglow controller certainly gives you a different look while you’re in full gaming mode (especially in the dark).